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Specializing in sales to CenterPoint Energy

If your company needs representation at CenterPoint Energy, I can help.   My approach to the representative business is different from others.  While some representative companies try to have more and more product lines in an ever larger territory, I limit my territory and the companies I represent.  CenterPoint Energy is unique.  While most major utilities cover large geographic areas, CenterPoint is a  major utility in a small geographic area.  Centerpoint Energy covers 5000 square miles, has over 2 million metered customers, and serves approximately 5 million people.   The Houston Metro area has approximately 24% of the total state population.  CenterPoint's uniqueness lends itself to the type of specialized representation I can offer.

CenterPoint Energy is simply too large to be adequately handled from a distance.  CenterPoint buys huge quantities of material and they demand attention.  Local based representation is the best choice.  In order to take advantage of the available business that CenterPoint offers manufacturers must have Local sales support to quickly answer questions, move approval projects forward, and solve problems that may arise.  Using rep companies based in Dallas or San Antonio don't allow for the attention needed.  Some agencies based elsewhere may place satellite offices in Houston in an effort to give better service, but that usually leads to communication problems between the "home" office and the satellite.  Other agencies base in Houston, but try to cover the South Texas or the North Texas territory along with CenterPoint.  That leaves CenterPoint with no coverage when they are "on the road."  Local, concentrated, specialized coverage will give your company the best chance to succeed.  That's what I offer.

Sometimes breaking Texas into three market areas can create a problem for your company.  I have an answer.   I partner with Frank Panebianco, FapCo, in South Texas.   Franks hands on approach to the South Texas RUS / Muni market is second to none, and my focused concentration on CenterPoint Energy will give your company the best of both worlds.

I was a Regional Sales Manager for Homac Manufacturing Company for 17 years.  All that time I asked myself the same question when visiting agencies;  How much time was my company receiving from an agency representing many companies and covering a large territory with clients with different needs?  When I went into the agency business in 1988 I promised myself that I would limit my representation. Instead of only hitting the high spots for each line I represent, I focus on specifying and selling the complete product line.  Look over what I have to offer. If you feel I can be of service, lets talk.

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Bud Carrigan
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