W.C. Carrigan Company

Quality Manufacturers and Service Companies I Represent

APAR Among the top five producers of aluminum conductors in the world.  Over 50 years of experience and insight.  A full range of bare aluminum conductor. Company website
Brass Padlocks.  High Security options available! Company website
Howard Lighting From lighting the way on residential streets and rural roadways, to improving security and enhancing the overall appearance of industrial and commercial building, you can depend on Howard for quality area lighting products. Company website
MESA Technical Full range of DC power system, battery, power distribution system, power room environmental, and shelter/enclosure products that form the backbone for telecom technology and utility grid deployment projects. Company website
New Hart Services Specializes in the repair, painting, insulator cleaning and coating in high voltage  substations Company website
Phymetrix Integrating nanotechnology into moisture measurement.  The world's smallest, fastest, most accurate moisture measurement instruments. Company website
Trojan Dry-Out Systems Portable Online Transformer Dry-Out Systems with Automatic Filter Regeneration. Company website

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