CenterPoint Energy Representation
W.C. Carrigan Company

          I can offer your company the following advantages:

Concentrated Effort. CenterPoint Energy.  They are a very large electric utility in a relatively small geographic area.  They buy material in large quantities and demand attention.  Local, Specialized, representation is the best choice.  CenterPoint is my ONLY account.
Local Representation. I live and work in Houston.  Local representation is key to selling CenterPoint..
Personal Responsibility. I will personally handle your product line.  No excuses or missed communications.
I communicate well. I make extensive use of the Internet, e-mail, and digital pictures.  Youíll always know the status of open projects and what Iím doing to move them forward.
24/7 availability. I have only one contact number to reach me.  No secretaries to relay messages to.  You talk directly to me when you have a question.
35 years experience in Utility Sales. 30 years of experience with CenterPoint.
Unique perspective. Iíve had many different responsibilities during the past 34 years.  Iíve been a Plant Manager, Direct Salesman, Regional Sales Manager, and for the past 17 years a Manufacturers Representative.  I have an understanding of  utility sales from many perspectives.
Long term  relationships. I have great relationships with CenterPoint and with Irby Supply, CenterPoint's Alliance Partner.

I understand how CenterPoint works.

Introduction, Approval, Contracts, Distribution, and Problem Solving.  Things donít always go my way, but I win more than I lose.

I can sell your products to CenterPoint Energy.

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